Designer Bangles and Braclets

Designer Bangles and Braclets

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30%off Braided Infinity

Braided Infinity

A classic piece meant to make everyday special..

Rs82,664.29 Rs57,865.00 Ex Tax: Rs57,865.00

30%off Starry Night

Starry Night

Make the evenings brighter with diamonds..

Rs83,105.71 Rs58,174.00 Ex Tax: Rs58,174.00

30%off Kiara


Celebrate the star in you and bring out the shimmer..

Rs83,565.71 Rs58,496.00 Ex Tax: Rs58,496.00

30%off Silver Shell

Silver Shell

Delicately crafted to bring out the dazzle in you..

Rs88,460.00 Rs61,922.00 Ex Tax: Rs61,922.00

30%off Serene Flourish

Serene Flourish

The perfect accessory to complement your poise..

Rs90,425.71 Rs63,298.00 Ex Tax: Rs63,298.00

30%off Orchestra


Straight lines and elegant curves make this piece stand out..

Rs91,812.86 Rs64,269.00 Ex Tax: Rs64,269.00

30%off Dual Shimmer

Dual Shimmer

Make the best of your night out with this beautifully crafted accessory..

Rs93,225.71 Rs65,258.00 Ex Tax: Rs65,258.00

30%off Diamond Surf

Diamond Surf

The waves of beauty come together in a single piece..

Rs94,230.00 Rs65,961.00 Ex Tax: Rs65,961.00

30%off Glow Tie

Glow Tie

Dress up and complete your outfit with the day with this beauty..

Rs95,914.29 Rs67,140.00 Ex Tax: Rs67,140.00

30%off Dazzling Dew

Dazzling Dew

A stunning combination of elements in the perfect setting..

Rs96,272.86 Rs67,391.00 Ex Tax: Rs67,391.00

30%off Ivy


Feel closer to the best version of you..

Rs96,391.43 Rs67,474.00 Ex Tax: Rs67,474.00

30%off Hide-n-Seek


A piece fit for your enchanting persona..

Rs97,131.43 Rs67,992.00 Ex Tax: Rs67,992.00

30%off Drops of Infinity

Drops of Infinity

Add a touch of subtle glamour to your day..

Rs97,301.43 Rs68,111.00 Ex Tax: Rs68,111.00



Secretly discover the way to her heart with this exquisite diamond bracelet and make her yours.”..

Rs100,191.43 Rs70,134.00 Ex Tax: Rs70,134.00

30%off Intrica


Adorn your wrist with thoughtfully crafted diamonds..

Rs102,357.14 Rs71,650.00 Ex Tax: Rs71,650.00

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