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30%off Dangling Ruby Earring

Dangling Ruby Earring

Dangling Ruby Earring"..

Rs7,404.29 Rs5,183.00 Ex Tax: Rs5,183.00

30%off Shelly


Keep it simple and elegant in this classic pair..

Rs14,170.00 Rs9,919.00 Ex Tax: Rs9,919.00

30%off Marquese Shape EARRING

Marquese Shape EARRING

"This delicate shape earring can win many womens heart. Small but speaks volumes"..

Rs14,372.86 Rs10,061.00 Ex Tax: Rs10,061.00

30%off FiligereeEarring


"This pretty earring shows true elegance and a perfect piece of everyday wear"..

Rs15,457.14 Rs10,820.00 Ex Tax: Rs10,820.00

30%off The Shooting Star Earrings

The Shooting Star Earrings

Let your inner light shine through with the Shooting Star Earrings."..

Rs16,564.29 Rs11,595.00 Ex Tax: Rs11,595.00

30%off Winged Blossom

Winged Blossom

The earrings that are the perfect addition to your natural beauty..

Rs16,970.00 Rs11,879.00 Ex Tax: Rs11,879.00

30%off Serene Droplets

Serene Droplets

A touch of gold and a sprinkle of diamonds make for the perfect earrings..

Rs17,327.14 Rs12,129.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,129.00

30%off Quadra


A pair with perfect symmetry to bring out the true beauty of diamonds..

Rs17,412.86 Rs12,189.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,189.00

30%off Kelly


Team this up with Indian or Western wear and they’ll fit right in while they make you stand out..

Rs17,455.71 Rs12,219.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,219.00

30%off Elanza


Let the brilliance shine through with these dazzling earrings..

Rs17,574.29 Rs12,302.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,302.00

30%off Maya


Delicate and classy, this pair will be hard to take off..

Rs17,701.43 Rs12,391.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,391.00

30%off Clusterised Diamond Pendent

Clusterised Diamond Pendent

"The clustered setting will bring a bling factor in your pendent, making you look very stylized"..

Rs17,792.86 Rs12,455.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,455.00

30%off Wheels Of Magic

Wheels Of Magic

Dazzle in this elegant pair of earrings that are versatile and classic..

Rs17,965.71 Rs12,576.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,576.00

30%off The Three Sided Beauty Earrings

The Three Sided Beauty Earrings

"Earrings with a geometric yet feminine design you will always want to wear."..

Rs18,192.86 Rs12,735.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,735.00

30%off Simple yet Sophisticated

Simple yet Sophisticated

Looks like a trail of Diamonds enclosed in a circle of love..

Rs18,225.71 Rs12,758.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,758.00

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