Casual Earrings

Casual Earrings

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30%off Marquese Shape EARRING

Marquese Shape EARRING

"This delicate shape earring can win many womens heart. Small but speaks volumes"..

Rs14,372.86 Rs10,061.00 Ex Tax: Rs10,061.00

30%off Clusterised Diamond Pendent

Clusterised Diamond Pendent

"The clustered setting will bring a bling factor in your pendent, making you look very stylized"..

Rs17,792.86 Rs12,455.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,455.00

30%off Simple yet Sophisticated

Simple yet Sophisticated

Looks like a trail of Diamonds enclosed in a circle of love..

Rs18,225.71 Rs12,758.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,758.00

30%off Triple Line Sparkle

Triple Line Sparkle

An evergreen earring that will enhance your beauty."..

Rs19,681.43 Rs13,777.00 Ex Tax: Rs13,777.00

30%off The Grace Earring

The Grace Earring

"Add some grace to your everyday wardrobe."..

Rs21,331.43 Rs14,932.00 Ex Tax: Rs14,932.00

30%off Abstract Diamond earring

Abstract Diamond earring

Abstract earring, but very Chick. Will make you stand out in the crowd...

Rs24,780.00 Rs17,346.00 Ex Tax: Rs17,346.00

30%off Beautiful Bow Earring

Beautiful Bow Earring

Feminine beauty brought to life."..

Rs25,535.71 Rs17,875.00 Ex Tax: Rs17,875.00

30%off Spring Time Earring

Spring Time Earring

"Stand out with this spring time Earring."..

Rs29,227.14 Rs20,459.00 Ex Tax: Rs20,459.00

30%off The Glittering Drop

The Glittering Drop

"Spread the glitter wherever you go."..

Rs30,937.14 Rs21,656.00 Ex Tax: Rs21,656.00

30%off The Love Leaf Earring

The Love Leaf Earring

"For that special day, with a special person."..

Rs31,470.00 Rs22,029.00 Ex Tax: Rs22,029.00

30%off Gift with Love EARRING

Gift with Love EARRING

Exclusive Diamond EARRING a perfect gift to surprise her on this Diwali..

Rs34,902.86 Rs24,432.00 Ex Tax: Rs24,432.00

30%off The Blooming Flower

The Blooming Flower

Let the blooming flower make you bloom."..

Rs34,997.14 Rs24,498.00 Ex Tax: Rs24,498.00

30%off Curved Perfection

Curved Perfection

"Something to make you feel special."..

Rs37,867.14 Rs26,507.00 Ex Tax: Rs26,507.00

30%off Four Leaf Beauty

Four Leaf Beauty

"Wear this earring and make heads turn."..

Rs37,867.14 Rs26,507.00 Ex Tax: Rs26,507.00

30%off Magical Twist

Magical Twist

"A little bit of magic , A little bit of love."..

Rs38,594.29 Rs27,016.00 Ex Tax: Rs27,016.00

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