Casual Rings

Casual Rings

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30%off Dangling Ruby Ring

Dangling Ruby Ring

"Dangling Ruby Ring."..

Rs18,235.71 Rs12,765.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,765.00

30%off Marquese Shape RING

Marquese Shape RING

"This delicate shape ring can win many womens heart. Small but speaks volumes"..

Rs20,708.57 Rs14,496.00 Ex Tax: Rs14,496.00

30%off Seashell Ring

Seashell Ring

Perfect combination of gold & diamond , glamorous yet sophisticated"..

Rs22,671.43 Rs15,870.00 Ex Tax: Rs15,870.00

30%off Enhancing Diamond Ring

Enhancing Diamond Ring

"A dazzling diamond ring that will make you blush every time you wear it."..

Rs22,714.29 Rs15,900.00 Ex Tax: Rs15,900.00

30%off Gift with Love RING

Gift with Love RING

Exclusive Diamond RING a perfect gift to surprise her on this Diwali..

Rs22,885.71 Rs16,020.00 Ex Tax: Rs16,020.00

30%off Interlock Pear shape Ring

Interlock Pear shape Ring

This outstanding Ring will definitely make your neck sparkle in the dark."..

Rs23,700.00 Rs16,590.00 Ex Tax: Rs16,590.00

30%off Crescent Moon Ring

Crescent Moon Ring

Crescent Moon Ring..

Rs24,171.43 Rs16,920.00 Ex Tax: Rs16,920.00

30%off Star and MoonRing

Star and MoonRing

"This Ring is an exclusive pendent and can decrepit Star & Moon"..

Rs24,171.43 Rs16,920.00 Ex Tax: Rs16,920.00

30%off Artistic Ring

Artistic Ring

Graced with elegance & feminine. Classic yet modern design."..

Rs24,600.00 Rs17,220.00 Ex Tax: Rs17,220.00

30%off Twin Leaf Ring

Twin Leaf Ring

"The inspiration from nature when leaves get tangled within there making it look natural & sober."..

Rs24,600.00 Rs17,220.00 Ex Tax: Rs17,220.00

30%off Two Loop Ring

Two Loop Ring

Two Loop Ring..

Rs24,685.71 Rs17,280.00 Ex Tax: Rs17,280.00

30%off Filigeree Ring

Filigeree Ring

This pretty ring shows true elegance and a perfect piece of everyday wear."..

Rs25,071.43 Rs17,550.00 Ex Tax: Rs17,550.00

30%off Illusion Ring

Illusion Ring

Illusion Ring..

Rs25,371.43 Rs17,760.00 Ex Tax: Rs17,760.00



“This simple and unique design is destined to embody your charming persona and immortalize your attr..

Rs28,442.86 Rs19,910.00 Ex Tax: Rs19,910.00

30%off Clusterised Diamond ring

Clusterised Diamond ring

"The clustered setting will bring a bling factor in your ring, making you look very stylized"..

Rs28,971.43 Rs20,280.00 Ex Tax: Rs20,280.00

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