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30%off Dangling Ruby Pendent

Dangling Ruby Pendent

Dangling Ruby Pendent"..

Rs6,482.86 Rs4,538.00 Ex Tax: Rs4,538.00

30%off Filigeree Pendent

Filigeree Pendent

"This pretty pendent shows true elegance and a perfect piece of everyday wear"..

Rs13,165.71 Rs9,216.00 Ex Tax: Rs9,216.00

30%off Two Loop Pendent

Two Loop Pendent

Two Loop Pendent..

Rs15,457.14 Rs10,820.00 Ex Tax: Rs10,820.00

30%off Twin Leaf Pendent

Twin Leaf Pendent

The inspiration from nature when leaves get tangled within there making it look natural & sober...

Rs15,558.57 Rs10,891.00 Ex Tax: Rs10,891.00

30%off Artistic Pendent

Artistic Pendent

"Graced with elegance & feminine. Classic yet modern design."..

Rs16,218.57 Rs11,353.00 Ex Tax: Rs11,353.00

30%off Enhancing Diamond Pendent

Enhancing Diamond Pendent

"A dazzling diamond pendent that will make you blush every time you wear it."..

Rs17,660.00 Rs12,362.00 Ex Tax: Rs12,362.00

30%off Crescent Moon Pendent

Crescent Moon Pendent

Crescent Moon Pendent..

Rs19,468.57 Rs13,628.00 Ex Tax: Rs13,628.00

30%off Interlock Pear shape Pendent

Interlock Pear shape Pendent

This outstanding pendent will definitely make your neck sparkle in the dark."..

Rs20,837.14 Rs14,586.00 Ex Tax: Rs14,586.00

30%off Gift with Love Pendent

Gift with Love Pendent

Exclusive Diamond Pendent a perfect gift to surprise her on this Diwali..

Rs21,748.57 Rs15,224.00 Ex Tax: Rs15,224.00

30%off Abstract Diamond Pendent

Abstract Diamond Pendent

Abstract Pendent, but very Chick. Will make you stand out in the crowd...

Rs23,252.86 Rs16,277.00 Ex Tax: Rs16,277.00

30%off Clusterised Diamond Pendent

Clusterised Diamond Pendent

"The clustered setting will bring a bling factor in your pendent, making you look very stylized"..

Rs23,585.71 Rs16,510.00 Ex Tax: Rs16,510.00

30%off Illusion Pendent

Illusion Pendent

Illusion Pendent..

Rs33,250.00 Rs23,275.00 Ex Tax: Rs23,275.00

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