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Pink Collection

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30%off June


This ring beautifully flatters every kind of wardrobe..

Rs34,425.71 Rs24,098.00 Ex Tax: Rs24,098.00

30%off Studded Helm

Studded Helm

A dual coloured diamond extravaganza..

Rs45,362.86 Rs31,754.00 Ex Tax: Rs31,754.00

30%off Dual Rose

Dual Rose

Elegance designed to make you feel luminescent..

Rs47,148.57 Rs33,004.00 Ex Tax: Rs33,004.00



“This enthralling pendant-earring set is destined to make everyone crave for your enduring presence...

Rs47,334.29 Rs33,134.00 Ex Tax: Rs33,134.00

30%off Entwine


A beautiful twist to the classic favourite..

Rs48,170.00 Rs33,719.00 Ex Tax: Rs33,719.00

30%off Crystal Maze

Crystal Maze

This ring is the perfect statement when you want to keep it cool and classy..

Rs55,000.00 Rs38,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs38,500.00

30%off Viana


This pair embodies beauty and strength so you can shine bright..

Rs60,000.00 Rs42,000.00 Ex Tax: Rs42,000.00

30%off Comet


This stellar piece shines bright amidst the crowd..

Rs62,000.00 Rs43,400.00 Ex Tax: Rs43,400.00

30%off Shaza


When your jewellery does all the talking..

Rs72,000.00 Rs50,400.00 Ex Tax: Rs50,400.00

30%off Tridal Waves

Tridal Waves

The three lined design that will make you feel like a diva..

Rs73,000.00 Rs51,100.00 Ex Tax: Rs51,100.00

30%off Eliza


A classic pair to keep your look simple and elegant..

Rs76,000.00 Rs53,200.00 Ex Tax: Rs53,200.00

30%off Pretty Pendulum

Pretty Pendulum

These differently shaped earrings are sure to cast an enchanting spell..

Rs81,000.00 Rs56,700.00 Ex Tax: Rs56,700.00

30%off Ferris


Diamonds set in a way that will flatter any outfit..

Rs82,000.00 Rs57,400.00 Ex Tax: Rs57,400.00

30%off Brilliant Maze

Brilliant Maze

Mesmerize with this stunning pair of diamond earrings..

Rs87,000.00 Rs60,900.00 Ex Tax: Rs60,900.00

30%off Floral Whirl

Floral Whirl

This magnificent piece lighten up the day and let you blossom..

Rs93,000.00 Rs65,100.00 Ex Tax: Rs65,100.00

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